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Tips to Avoid Losing Your Valuables during the Moving Out

During the moving out, it is likely that everyone else is busy attending to their own activities - loading stuff, carrying things, counting these and that, and all.  It is for this reason that there are instances that the people who are moving out become victims of thieves.  In order to avoid losing your valuables during the moving out, the following tips are suggested:
Ensure that you have someone who looks after all the things that loaded on the moving truck.  Give this person a sheet of a paper as a way to track and monitor the number of boxes that are being loaded onto the moving van.  Give him a checklist of all the things that you have packed.  Ensure that your valuables are insured by the company.  Let us face it, when the company knows that it is going to pay and be responsible for any mishap that may happen during the moving out, extra care and security shall be extended to your house stuff. Always be on guard even when you have people paid to track and monitor your things.  There will be no other person who will be as compassionate to protect your valuables except you, yourself.  Take time to take a look at your things from time to time.
In order to discourage any incident of theft during the moving out, these tips should be taken into consideration.