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Finding the Best Value and Service when Hiring a Man and a Van

Moving home is never easy and when extra help is needed to move your household possessions it is vital that you hire a company that assures a professional safe and secure service. Here are some top tips when hiring a man with a van.Use a local company, there may be numerous companies in your area and by choosing a local firm will enable assurance that the company have a vast knowledge of the area and provide a more accurate time scale for your move.  Also a local company could work out has a cheaper option due to the close location than other companies that are based outside your borough. By asking friends or family if they can refer any good companies to you, will enable you to gain an honest review and an insight to how the company runs, what services they offer and how much they charge. An online search is also a good idea, with customer reviews that are generally posted direct to the company’s website giving a general insight of their experiences with that company, however for further reviews it is advisable to undertake a further internet search and find reviews regarding the company, there are also removal websites that specialise in feedback so you can get an overall idea for the firm before you make a final decision in hiring a company. Always ensure that the company has a full postal address and landline number, this is a better sign of professionalism and will steer you away from rouge traders that may be offering you a cheaper deal, but you only have a mobile number should anything go wrong. Generally man and a van removal companies charge on an hourly rate, it is important that you get a quote and the overall cost is established previous to hiring the company, this will ensure that no hidden cost arise when the job is done. When choosing a company it is a good idea to have a list of questions before hand to ensure you are getting all the relevant information that you require, don’t be afraid to ask questions such as•    What is the cost per hour?•    What additional costs are there if the initial time is surpassed?•    How long has the company been in business?•    Who is responsible for loading and unloading the removal van?•    Will there be an extra cost if extra staff is needed?•    What level of coverage does the company hold if my goods are damaged?•    Is the company fully insured to do the job?•    Does the final quote include VAT?•    Is a discount possible?Remember that you are placing your possession in the hands of this company so be confident when questioning the company. Always ask for a discount as generally you will get one.Once you have found a suitable man and a van company, it is vital that you go over all the details before you enter a contract with the company, it is also advisable that the price they have quoted you also includes VAT or not has this can be an hidden extra that you was no expecting. After all the research and references regarding your company it is still a good idea to travel inside the removal truck if possible, this will ensure the safe arrival of your household goods and also ensure that they get to the end destination.