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About Us

When we started out from our London base just 10 years ago we never imagined how quickly we would expand. As a small family business, we were responding to an increased market demand to help people and business relocate from London to set up in the Netherlands. While there were plenty of removals companies out there, our customers wanted the security of having an expert in continental relocation; people who knew about the demands of moving overseas and the way that the distance and language barrier only serves to dramatically increase the usual stresses and strains associated with moving.

We spent several years perfecting our service, tweaking and developing it to a point where it was without comparison when it came to attention to detail, but we started getting requests from the family members of former customers, wondering if we could give them the same attention to detail for a move that was closer to home. Some wanted to move somewhere else in the UK, but some just wanted a hand moving around London. “Why not?” we thought! “We’ll just keep doing the same thing, but over smaller distances”. From that point we expanded quickly to cover the rest of Europe as well as the British Isles and now, a decade on we are proud to be able to offer our service to you.

Because of the heightened nature of moving abroad we wanted to tackle to the perceived guarantee of stress from two angles. Firstly price, and secondly service.

In terms of price not only are our rates highly competitive they also come with a unique guarantee. What we quote is exactly what you pay. We are so confident in our removals assessment and the thorough work of our quoters, measuring and calculating what you need that there is zero chance of us needing any extra men or vehicle space. Equally, we offer a totally transparent pricing policy, so there is no need for you to worry about the hidden fees and lies which have blighted the reputation of our trade for so long. Everything we do is about keeping it simple, so you get one quote, and you pay that one price.

Service was also an area that we felt we could simplify, because there are a number of additional services that you may or may not want. We designed our packing, cleaning and storage services with our long distance customers in time, but people moving locally are short on time as well and, just like the removals process, all our quotes are free of charge. More details can be found elsewhere on the site.

However, cliched though it might sound the way we wanted to really make a difference was with our staff. We haven’t changed our hiring policy since day one, so we still want people who understand the emotional and financial stress of undertaking a move across the continent. It means that all of our staff are sensitive to your particular circumstance. It informs their every action, ensuring a high level of customer service and attention to detail and a knowledge of when you need your space and when you need reassuring. We are hugely proud of everything they have done, and the testimonials they have received are a reflection of their hard work.

So whether you are moving across to the Netherlands, or just a little closer to home, you can rest assured that you are going to get a premium service from us. Our decade of experience coupled with the ethos of our staff ensures nothing but 100% satisfaction, so call today to arrange your free, no obligation quote.