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People to Notify Before Moving to Norway

Before moving to Norway, there are a few important people you must notify first for your own benefit. Leaving them not notified of your transfer of residence will prove to be a stressful ordeal in the future. So here is a list of people, aside from family members and friends of course, whom you should notify that you are going to transfer to Norway.
Your lawyer must be notified that you are leaving for Norway. It is a must that you execute a power of attorney before leaving. Your lawyer will have to act on your behalf in your old country whilst you are already living in Norway. Therefore, your lawyer must have a key to your safety deposit box, which must contain the following: an up-to-date will, insurance policies, birth certificate, marriage certificate, tax documents, Social Security records, and other pertinent legal documents.
Notify your physician and dentist that are you are moving to Norway. Ask suggestions from them for their Norwegian counterparts. If they cannot provide you then the consulate or embassy of Norway in your country can help you.
You should also notify your insurance agent that you are moving to Norway. You should ask from him a letter of recommendation for new policies particularly when you plan to get a new automobile and house.
By notifying these people of your move to Norway, you just have made you transfer to your new home easier.