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When Your Vintage Car Drives Without You: A Moving Guide

You have just signed that bill of lading with the moving company, which agreed to take your car to its new owner. Of course you are not very fond of this idea, but your bills have piled up and you have no adequate means of paying them except through this. You closed the deal with someone who also dreamed of owning a vintage car.
But before you signed, you first checked if the moving company has legitimate papers to carry out its business. You wanted to be sure that you are not giving up your car to an irresponsible moving company. By dealing with a reliable moving company, you can also be confident that there is nothing you need to worry about the necessary preparations you should do to pursue a hassle-free moving of your vintage car.
You also made sure that the moving company will pay any damage caused by the delivery should it reach the new owner in a poor condition. Terms of contract should be clear.
Finally, you assured yourself that you are giving this up for the best. Why? There are plenty of cars out there waiting for you to drive them once you recover from your financial crisis.