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Dismantling Flat Packed Furniture

Large items will often an awkward shape to move during a removal so dismantling them makes the process easier. Items like tables and chairs may not for through doorways when they are fitted together so disassembling them is required. These suggestions will help you when planning moving large items of furniture.Have the right tool for the jobYou could cause some serious damage or even break your furniture if you don’t use the correct tools to take it apart. You won’t be able to knock everything apart with a hammer so ensure you have a complete tool box before taking anything apart. Some removal companies may offer this service, in some cases free of charge. If the removal company do offer this service make sure they are going to do it properly and possess the correct tools. A lot of furniture will require special wrenches to unscrew certain nuts and bolts; these wrenches may only be available from the manufacturer. Once you have removed the screws and bolts’ keeping them safe is important if you have any intention of putting your furniture back together at your new home. Keep the components attached to the furniture if you can be sure they won’t fall lose in transit. If that isn’t an option keep those parts in labelled bags so you can keep the parts separate for each piece of furniture. If a piece of furniture has multiple parts it is advisable to number the pieces to help when putting it back together. This is even more important with something that has internal parts.Measure Measure all the doorways and corridors you need to carry your furniture through. Just because you have taken something apart doesn’t necessarily mean it will fit easily into your new home. Having an idea of the dimensions you have to manoeuvre in will help you move the furniture safely. It may not be the width of a doorway that prevents you getting a part of furniture into your new home rather than a tight corner. Removal firms that offer the service of dismantling your larger furniture will often also ensure it fits into your new home. These removal companies are experts and will have methods of getting large items through awkward spaces. Protect the piecesAs well as keeping the nut, bolts and screws secure in bags it is also important to protect the surface of the furniture. With the pieces being loose they are more liable to fall and scratch against things. Wrap all the smaller pieces like table and chair legs in bubble wrap, paper or both. These smaller pieces are more likely to fall against the larger surface areas and scratch them. To protect a larger area like a table top cover it is a large sheet and make sure it securely fastened when placed in the removal vehicle. Is it worth dismantling?In reality some flat packed furniture loses its structural integrity when it is disassembled and put back together. If your wardrobe has always had lose screws and was rickety is it going to be able stand up to be taken apart and rebuilt. Sometimes it is worth cutting your losses and buying new furniture for your new home. This would be expensive if you did it with all your furniture so only do it with the ones you feel will likely get ruined by being dismantled.