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Do You Need to Rent Moving Blankets?

Moving blankets are usually rented to protect furniture and other items during the move. However, you may also want to avoid additional expenses to save money. This is especially feasible if you are not moving very big furniture and there are only a few pieces to move. In this case, you can use old blankets to protect them instead.
Take note though that you need to find thick blankets as they will serve to provide cushion to your furniture. In boxes, they also cushion the items inside to avoid damage due to shaking and shock. So if you don't have thick blankets, you might just have to rent some moving blankets.
You should not use your new and expensive blankets either. The blankets could get stained or ripped during the move. If this happens, you even lose more than if you have just rented some moving blankets. So use only the blankets that you would be willing to risk losing.
In the end, you would have to balance the extra expenses and the potential loss you could incur in instances where accidents and damage occur. It's the only way you can minimize your loses during a move. Saving more on the moving expenses could mean losing more expensive items. So again, only risk what you can afford to lose.   If you don't want to damage anything then you have to spend more on protecting your things.