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Don't Let Fragile Items Get Broken during a Move: Use Bubble Wrap, Moving Blankets and Wrapping Paper

Your grandmother's china, your beautiful collection of vases, the screen of your LCD TV - these are the items which you would not want to get scratched or broken during a move. Unfortunately, not all movers will take care of your things the same way that you would. This is precisely the reason why during the packing process, you need to keep handy a few items that will prevent breakage of the items inside boxes.
Supplies to Prevent Fragile Items from Breaking
The first thing that you need to do when planning a move is to gather all the materials that you need for the move. Here's a quick list of the items that you would need and where you can use them:
Bubble Wrap
As the name implies, bubble wrap are plastic materials which are filled with bubbles or pockets of air. When used as a wrapping material, the air pockets prevent the item from being damaged or broken in transit. Bubble wrap is one of the most popular types of cushioning material used by shipping companies, moving companies and postal services. You can wrap almost anything in bubble wrap and make sure that the item that you will send will be received by one piece by the person who you will be mailing it out to.
When moving, you can use bubble wrap after wrapping breakable items in newspaper. Use bubble wrap to fill in all the gaps inside the box so that there is no chance that the plates or other breakable items will bump against each other, and possibly break during the move.
Packing Peanuts
A similar item used in most moves is packing peanuts. These are peanuts or S-shaped materials made from polystyrene, although the modern ones are already made with biodegradable ingredients like cornstarch. Similar to bubble wrap, you can use packing peanuts to fill the gap between the items and the boxes before sealing the item inside.
Moving Blankets
There are some moving companies who will offer you free use of their moving blankets. But if you frequently move, it's a good idea to buy ones for your own use. There are large, multi-purpose moving blankets which measure 72 x 80. They are used to wrap big electrical appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. There are moving blankets which come in smaller sizes, which you can use to wrap smaller electrical appliances or even your slew of electrical gadgets.
Wrapping Paper
You can also use wrapping paper, old newspaper, pieces of cardboard and similar materials when packing for a move. Make sure that the removals boxes are professional-grade so that the upper part will not get squished even after the boxes are placed one on top of the other.
You should also prepare scissors, cutters, packaging tape and markers when putting together all the packing supplies that you need. Preparing these items in advance will make the packing process more efficient, quick and less tedious.