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Handling the Family during a Move

Regardless of how big your family is, moving will always bound to present some sort of conflict between you and other members of your family. That is, if you fail to take steps to at least minimize the chance of that happening. In fact, you can even make a move a chance to bond the members of the family together and making it a collective effort, instead of fostering dissent and resentment by just doing things your way.
Of course, the first person you should always talk to is your spouse or partner. It's important that you discuss everything with him or her, as you are in everything together. This will also help you get some support when you finally discuss things with your children.
It would also be best if you included your kids into the loop, at least when it comes to certain decisions. Take the time to explain things clearly to them and do not just expect them to drop everything and obey. Just because they're kids does not mean that they do not have a say or are only minimally affected at best by the move. Make time to listen to their concerns and reach a compromise (which you should also discuss with them) at best so that there's less conflict and they also feel involved and important to you.