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How much does a chartered surveyor in Westminster cost?

A chartered surveyor in Westminster is likely to be very costly for you, in fact a chartered surveyor anywhere is going to be costly.  The costs involved are even higher if you do not ensure you hire the best chartered surveyor for your needs, therefore there are some things that you should ask of a chartered surveyor when you call them for a quote.What should I ask my chartered surveyor?•    Do you belong to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors? If not, why not?•    What experience do you have of being a surveyor? •    How are you qualified to be a surveyor?•    What is their quote? Is there likely to be any additional charges put on top of this?•    What is included in the quote? Does it include a full or partial survey?•    How long will it take to complete the survey?•    What insurance is included?  Can insurance be offered at an additional charge?  How does this cover you?•    Have you surveyed a property similar to mine before? •    Do you know the area my home is in?•    If I need a specialised surveyor are you able to put me in touch with one?Which surveyor should I choose?Don’t let the price alone choose which surveyor you hire, you should always ensure that the surveyor is well established and reputable, that they are fully qualified and are more than able to complete the survey to a high standard. The price that you need to pay will vary depending upon the kind and type of service you want doing and the overall size of the job, here are some guidelines on what the costs involved for you may be:•    For a simple and a standard valuation, the price you need to pay  will vary from about £100 to anything up to £250.  •    You can expect to pay between £250 and £1000 for a homeowners survey.•    The most expensive survey is a full structural survey which is the most detailed of surveys, you should expect to pay between £500 and £1500 for this.  If your house is particularly big, or if you have any special requirements then you can expect to have to pay more for your survey.  Charges also vary depending on where about in the UK you live, some areas cost more than others to have a survey completed and so you will need to remember this when reviewing the quotes you have received from surveyors. Do I have to have a full structural survey completed?No, if your home is relatively new and is in good condition, with no previous complaints of things like rodent infestations etc. then you will not need a full structural survey.  These reports have a short shelf life, they are only valid for a period of time, therefore it is not a case of you may as well just have one done in case you need to use it at a later date. What does the report include?The report will be approximately 50 pages long and will note details about the following:•    The  houses background and history•    Any rights of way•    The structure and stability of the house•    What the house was built from •    What the drainage and sewerage systems are like•    The roof and the condition it is in•    Any dampness in the house•    Any further investigation’s that should be made on the house.