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How to Maximize Service out of the Hourly Rate

Many movers and removals companies charge by the hour. If this is the case for you, then you must learn how to maximize their time. Every minute counts and the clock do not stop ticking so you should make them do as much work for all the time you are paying them. Instead of letting them do the simplest things, let them handle the things you most need them for.
If you have all your things ready for the move, they would spend less time organizing your things. They will be on their way and get to you new address faster. Your things would be unloaded sooner so you pay for lesser time. So the trick really is to finish packing everything on time. Stack all boxes in one room. With the heaviest box at the bottom, put two lighter boxes on top to make the job easier for the movers. If you put your things in the garage, the movers can simply back their vehicle and easily use a dolly to load everything.
If you or someone you know is capable of disassembling furniture and appliances, you should do it yourself before the movers arrive. This will save them time and save you money as well. You even get to avoid the traffic too so again you save time and money as a result. Label the boxes too so the movers will know where each box goes and which ones need careful handling. They will not waste time trying to find and ask you so less time is wasted.