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How to Pack and Protect Breakable Items When You Move

There are three general items that you have to protect when you move to a new residence. These items include breakable kitchenware, sensitive electronics, and valuable mirrors and framed artworks.    To protect these items, you need to use lots of protective packing materials. For example, you can use bubble wraps, foam, and packing pellets to protect fragile items.    When packing breakable kitchenware like dishes, plates, glasses, and kitchen collectibles, make sure to wrap each item with newsprint papers or old newspapers. The paper can absorb jarring shock and will prevent glass from breaking during transport.    For your sensitive electronic gadgets like computers, gaming consoles, and audio system, it would be best to protect them with blankets, pillows and cloth. The boxes for these items should also be marked fragile.  As much as possible, backup your data before you pack your computers.    Lastly, you should protect valuable glass frames and mirrors with packing tape. You can use bubble wrap to protect the frames and avoid stacking heavy objects over them.    There are good chances that your fragile belongings will break during the long trip to your new home.  So you need to protect them properly with the right packing materials so you can prevent damages.