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How to Protect an Ornate Plaster Frame When Moving?

Delicate items that are so much valuable to you need special attention. Just like the ornate plaster frame that has been in your family for generation to generation. But now, you are about to move to a far away place, planning to take full responsibility for this nice and precious piece of family treasure.   Now, you are worrying how to transport this ornate plaster frame without causing any simple damage to it. Don't worry because as long as you follow these steps, your precious ornate plaster frame will be safe for moving:   1.    There are three delicate areas of an ornate plaster frame: the frame, the paint of the frame, and the picture. These are the important considerations when you will do the packing.   2.    Measure the frame and create a box made out of plywood that is about 10cm bigger so you can give the frame a room for adjustment. Just make sure that the face of the box will be accessible when you already have to put the frame in there.   3.    Wrap the frame with a clean cotton cloth or a bubble wrap. This will protect the frame from scratching on the wooden box.   4.    Fill up spaces in the box with crumpled old newspaper to prevent the frame's shaking during the journey.   As long as you do all these and you don't fall off the boxed frame, you can be rest assured that your precious family treasure will be moved safe and sound.