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How to Recognize 'scam' Movers

The news is full of stories about scam movers. We hear everywhere how many people have been victimized by these fraudulent companies. Everyone warns us that we should be very careful when choosing a moving company to transport your stuff.  However, is there any way you could protect yourself from these fake companies? How can you recognize them?
Fortunately , there are some way to identify disreputable movers and in this article you will find out what are they.

In short , there are a couple of things that can help you identify these fraudulent companies. A fake mover is a company, which :

•    Cannot provide you with a written guarantee for anything:
You know that , in order something to be right and trustworthy, it should be provided in a written form. If the company you have chosen can not give you a guarantee in written form , which clearly explains what your rights and their responsibility are, it should be clear for you that something is not right. This is usually , the first sign by which to recognize a fraudulent moving company.

•    Can offer you far too low prices for the same services
People often say , ‘'it is too good to be true''. When a company is offering too low prices, you should expect the services to be poor. Have in mind that , fake moving companies use extremely low prices to attract their customers. Make sure to compare companies based on prices , to see which one best fit your needs. However, don't always look for low prices.

•    Cannot tell you how they estimate the tariff
You can recognize a fake company , if they cannot tell you how they estimate the tariffs. You should know that companies use different ways of estimating their prices - some will charge on the basis of the weight of your belongings , while others on the basis of distance. If the company cannot tell you their way of estimate, you cannot trust it with your belongings.

•    Have somehow offensive behavior toward their customers
This is another sign  to understand that the company is a fake one. Usually , a good company has its specific way of behavior with customers and rude behavior is unacceptable. If you a company representative is behaving in a rude and unusual manner, there is no need for you to investigate it further, you can move on to another company. People say , that employees are the company's mirror. In other words, you can judge the company, based on its employees' behavior. You should also know , that fake companies have unprofessional and rude employees and this is how you will recognize them.

•    Don't allow the customers to see the weight of their belongings:
This is the last thing you should note about the company. If the company is hiding any information about the weight of your belongings , you cannot trust them. You should always be allowed to see how there are waiting your belongings, since this is not a secret information.

Knowing the signs of a disreputable moving company , you can easily recognize and differentiate them. When you are looking for moving services , make sure not to miss any of the tips given above, otherwise you risk to become victimized. When the market is full of different companies, which provide more or less the same services, you should be very careful whom do you trust your belongings to. Although, it is not so easy to recognize thieves and fake companies, there are still some signs , which can help you identify and differentiate the good and reputable ones.