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How To Safely Move Fragile Items On Your Moving Day

Nobody wants to have to deal with accidental damages and breakages happening to their belongings on moving day, but unless you take the proper care and effort to prevent this from happening, it might be something that you’ll have to end up paying for! If you have concerns about how you’ll pack, carry, transport and unload your fragile items then why not take a look at this guide? We’ve compiled a list of top ways in which you can prevent accidents happening on your moving day, so for all the help you need you don’t need to look any further!-    Use proper packing materials.Using the proper packing materials to pack your fragile items can make a world of difference. For those belongings of worth, such as your television or computer, it might be worth purchasing the correct packing boxes online or from your removal company. Other things worth investing in to protect your belongings during transit might include bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts, sheets of packing foam or other packing materials. Have a look online to find the best prices. If you’re watching your purse strings then you can pad out your boxes with household items such as towels and sheets. Although this might not be as effective as other methods, it’s a great idea if you’re stuck for time or money! -    Label fragile items accordingly.Invest in large marker pens that can write on any surface – you’ll find these indispensible when prepping for your house move! All boxes that contain breakable items need to be clearly labelled on all sides, whether you’re moving crockery or decorative ornaments, you’ll benefit from thorough and clear labelling! -    Hire professional help.Professional movers are a great option for your house move if you can afford them. An experienced team of movers or a man with a van will be able to easily carry and load and fragile or delicate items without you having to worry. You may even be able to purchase a form of insurance to protect your belongings whilst they’re in the van, so you have that extra bit of security! -    Don’t overstuff your boxes or removal vehicle.All of your boxes should seal easily with packing tape – if you have to force your boxes closed then they’re too full and you’re risking breaking them. It may take longer, but it’s definitely worth packing more boxes that aren’t fit-to-burst, unless they contain items that can’t break easily.  Just like your boxes, you shouldn’t overload your removal vehicle either. Although it’s tempting to get as much packed into the van as possible, this makes it incredibly easy for things to shift, fall and get knocked around during transit. If you want to avoid breakages then take your time loading your removal van – tie down any heavy items of furniture with rope and load your boxes carefully and methodically. -    Take your time when dealing with fragile items.Don’t rush when it comes to moving delicate and fragile items. Stress can cause you to act hastily, and if you’re handling fragile belongings then you’re more likely to drop, damage or break them! Take your time when you’re loading your van with precious items that are easy to break so that you won’t have to face any unforeseen disasters!