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Importance of Moving Insurance in Overseas Travel

No matter how experienced a moving company may be, you never know when nature takes over and creates accidents at sea or in the air during your overseas relocation. The ship or plane with your cargo is in may succumb to accident, and lead to a possible loss of your belongings.   With moving insurance with you, you will be able to make claims. However it is always better to take an all-risk insurance policy for complete protection of your goods in all the phases of removal, storage and transit. If you will not choose such an insurance policy, the following problems may arise:   Coverage offered by movers may be limited   Liable movers and subsequent parties like the shipping company, airlines, port authorities and other transport carriers may offer limited moving insurance coverage. This is because these parties usually work under separate working contracts or have an international law governing them that limits their liabilities. This means you will not be able to expect a complete refund of money if and when a claim is made.   Some companies may declare average loss   Shipping companies may also declare a general average loss if anything happens to the goods they ship in transit. If your possessions are in the ship, you as the owner of the goods will also have to make a contribution towards the loss the company suffers.   So before you choose your moving company, make sure you check that they have moving insurance for overseas relocation. Also ensure that their coverage is sufficient to cover all your belongings. If you find that their coverage is insufficient, you will have to get yourself some additional moving insurance.