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Making Sure Wine Bottles Are Safe When Moving

A collection of fine wine can be a very valuable and treasured group of possessions. Likewise, a collection of slightly cheaper but still very much drinkable wine is also something to be treasured. When it comes to moving home, both are certainly something which you might wish to bring with you, and certainly something which you will want to keep as safe as possible during the transit. Because wine is a drink and made to be drunk, not only as you attempting to preserve the physical integrity of the bottles, but also the quality of the liquid inside. As such, the correct method for removing and storing wine bottles during a move is never really settled upon and changes based on the circumstances. There are several steps which one is able to take, however, in order to ensure the best possible results when moving home. Because wine is a drink, making sure that it stays at its most drinkable is often the primary concern. Whilst other objects can withstand increases and decreases in temperature and continue to function properly, this kind of temperature change can leave a bottle of wine tasting completely different. This is a worry for those who happen to have very expensive bottles of wine, but also a worry for those who plan on drinking their wine at any point. When you are planning your move, consider whether there will be any great variance in the temperature along the way. Whilst it is possible to hire thermally regulated vans and purchase storage containers which can keep the temperature the same throughout, the same effect can often be achieved with a little diligence and some careful prep. Think about the temperature of the environment in which the bottle will spend most of their times. If it is summer, then the danger is overheating. If it is winter, then the cold could pose a threat. In the summer, pack the wine bottles using a non-insulating type of padding such as polystyrene. This will ensure that the bottles remain safe without them heating up. In the winter, consider something which will hold the heat in. wrapping the well padded wine bottles in blankets can help keep the heat in and lessen the impact of sudden drops in temperature. When it comes to preserving the taste, temperature can be a big concern but can be overcome with the right packing style. Perhaps the most obvious concern facing those transporting a large number of bottles is that they are made of glass. As well as the physical impact potentially damaging or smashing a bottle, repeated shaking can damage the taste of the more expensive wines. As such, taking steps to make sure that the packaging you use will correct preserve the bottles is vital. If they are being placed in a wooden or cardboard boxed, try to avoid any instances of glass touching glass. Straw was traditionally used to protect bottles during transit, but modern bubble wrap and Styrofoam pellets might be more useful and easier to procure. A well protected bottle is one which will face a far better chance of making the journey in one piece. For those really worried about their wine bottles, it might be worth putting off the problem. By placing your wine into a professional storage service, you can enjoy the benefits of a stable and regulated safe environment for the time being, all while you focus on the other matters normally associated with moving. With so many stresses involved with moving house, this is a quick way to avoid the issue and address it at a later date. If you do this, however, remember to hang on to at least one bottle, to toast to the new home upon arrival.