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Moving House the Easy Way

Moving house is one the of the most hectic things we do in life, from packing up your contents to loading and unloading vans, nothing about this procedure is easy! But there are things you can do to take to make the job a little easier.Follow this simple guide for Moving house the easy way; Don’t forget to do the Planning!Planning is particularly crucial; if you leave it all until the very last minute, you are setting yourself up for disaster, don’t do it! As soon as you are given a removal date, get cracking straight away.  Although you may be thinking it’s far too early, there are plenty of things that you can start doing straight away, such as; Have a good sort out!Yes a good old clear out, get rid of any accumulated junk that you may have gathered over the years, we all do it! The less you have now, the better it will be on moving day and besides, do you really want to be taking all of that unused rubbish with you to the new home? But don’t just throw everything out!When clearing out of your belongings, we don’t mean literally mean ‘skipping’ the lot! It may feel like you want to chuck it all out during the process, but be wise! If there’s money to be made from it, then go ahead and make some! Make some pilesA pile for the ‘TIP’ if it’s not worth a sale or even a freebie to someone because it broken, the best place for it is probably the bin!Pile for ‘CHARITY’, try to sell what you can but if you fail to make a sale then give it to the charity shop, it’s not a good idea to throw something good out, especially if it’s in good condition! If nobody wants to buy it, you may as well give it to charity instead, I’m sure somebody will make use of it! SELL IT! We all like to make money of our stuff, why not? It’s nice to get something back for things you no longer use. Try selling unused good items on online auction sites or do a simple car boot, you may be surprised at how much you make, and the cash will help towards the move! Are you getting organised?Organisation is the key to moving house the easy way, it really is!Start boxing up items that you can live without for a while because it’s less to do on removal day! CD’s, DVD’s, ornaments etc can all be boxed up ready but remember to label the boxes because if you decide later that you need to use something, you certainly do not want to be undoing all of your hard work Think about a removal company!Start thinking about hiring a removal company early on, You don’t have to book straight away, although you may get a better deal if you do. But looking early will at least give you some idea of what’s available. Look out for reputable companies and you could always collect quotes to compare the prices ready for deciding who to book! Make a ‘To Do’ List!You probably have so much stuff swirling around in your head, stressing you out! Don’t bottle it all up because this could lead to stress and a few sleepless nights. Make a simple ‘To do’ list instead, keep tabs on what you have already done, what needs doing and anything else that may pop into your head with regards to moving house. Write it all down on a list and then you can refer back to it whenever you need to!