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The Role of Conveyancing Solicitors in the Sale Process

The sales process will start when you instruct your conveyancing solicitor to send you a client care letter that you need to sign. After this is completed, your solicitor will send you the some forms such as the fixtures, property information and the leasehold property. After you've completed them, you have to attach some building work guarantees and planning permissions that you have. The solicitor will also obtain your title deeds and the copies from the Land Registry Office Copies. The draft contract will also be prepared and when it is done, the buyer will receive it. Any questions will be entertained by you and with the help of the solicitor. If everything is settled, the exchanged will be facilitated immediately.
You and the buyer will receive and sign a contract and you will receive the buyer's deposit. After that, both parties are now legally binded by the contract. The solicitor will then confirm your bank redemption payment and he will receive a deed of transfer from the solicitor of the other party. After the outstanding balance of the exchange was sent, your solicitors will send the title deeds, deduct their fees, and send the remaining balance to your account.