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Things to Remember When Renting a Self Storage Unit

Check on your belongings after a storm
Most self storage facilities don't take responsibility for water damage. Taking the time to check on your possessions after a big storm can save you heaps of cash later.
Determine how often you wish to access the facility
If you want to access your self storage unit often, consider renting a unit that is one size larger than what the manager has recommended. When you access your facility, you want extra space to freely move around it. If budget is tight, renting a small self storage would do no harm. But be sure to put the items you want to get quickly at the front shelf of the unit so you won't have to disarrange the boxes when looking for them.
Make security arrangements
Self storage facilities offer various security systems and tools. Be sure to ask the manager of your security options to ensure the safety of your priced possessions. If you prefer to buy your own lock, purchase one that can't be easily cut or jammed. The manager should be able to recommend a few brands for you.
Watch out for hidden fees
You may be required to pay for a deposit before renting a self storage unit. This deposit can be refunded at the end of your lease, granted that you left the self storage unit in its best condition. Be sure to ask the manager the cost of the deposit, if there is any. Beware of hidden fees to avoid surprises after the lease.