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Preparing Your Employees for a Business Relocation

To ensure your employees of a minimum disturbance during relocation, it is best to let them know several months in advance.  This is to give them ample time to probably look for a new house nearer to the new office and lessen their anxiety levels which will affect productivity.  Once they have been informed, plan the moving out 3 months in advance so you can make necessary adjustments.
* Contact removal companies and ask if they can do an onsite visit so they can give exact costs of moving out.  Let them know you prefer to move out on a weekend to avoid work interruptions.
* Verify if your chosen removal company is trained and confident to move and manage electronic equipment.
* As early as possible, create a new floor plan or hire a professional to do the work for you.  On the day of moving out, bring the person with you so you can arrange the items already.
* Once a floor plan has been made, consult with your employees and ask for their opinions. They just might know a little bit better since they will be the one working.
* Most importantly, check IT specifications of the new place. If possible hire a highly trained IT person or get one from your company to do ocular inspection on the new office.
* Label the items according to floor or department to reduce unpacking stress.
* If in case you won't be needing some of the old stuff, consider selling these to your employees at a lower price.
* Never let any of your employees do any moving out tasks if removals are scheduled on a workday. Accidents can happen.
* If needed, hire a storage company to take care of your important documents.
* Give your employees their own boxes so they can store their stuff on their own. Seal and label the boxes to be given to the removals staff.
* Assign the HR or Marketing department to advise your ally companies regarding your new address. An option is to post the change in address in a newspaper or send out an email to everyone.
* After a successful moving out, celebrate with your staff.  Organise a party for them and ensure them of a better business.