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Relocating with Your Roommates

There are some cases in which you are living with roommates and you can't afford the luxury of the services of a moving company and what you will have to do is to count on each other in order to handle every stage of the relocation alone without professional assistance. In general, if there is no professional nearby to assist you the work may be difficult to complete but the advantage in this situation is that you are with friends and this make the whole working proves a lot lighter and easier. Usually the joy of work is equally potent as it is the experience in it so provided you feel comfortable or perhaps even pleasant while working with your friends you will do the job perhaps not as well but just as fast as if you had contacted a moving company. These are people you have shared a home with for a long time-you know their speed, instincts and habits and cooperating with them on the relocation will be just as quick as it will be simple.

Every move requires good planning and when you are doing one with your friends is not an exception. Long before the day in which you start packing and preparing to move out your stuff, a week or so, plan carefully every step hour by hour, minute by minute if you want everything to run smoothly. Time is not your only issue though. You have to purchase in advance all the boxes, bags, and other packaging material that you will need for your relocation. If you want, be the brain of the group but always ask for their opinion and once you make a decision share it with them so that your team work is perfect later on when your start doing the actual move. Always do everything together. All of you should work and rest at the same time in order to keep the team spirit alive. Among the first things you should do is to contact all your relatives and friends and let them know that you are relocating and therefore you will be changing your address. Then, before starting to work on the move itself you need to go to every single place in the city where you have an account and you are signed up, especially the mail in order to inform them of the change of your living place in order for them to continue to provide you with their services. Remember relocating will not affect your life alone so if you want to preserve your old contacts you must treat carefully this delicate situation.

Naturally, there will be bills that you will have to pay before you move out. You resolve this problem simply-you and your room-mates decide on sharing the costs. Don't forget that you need to pay them as soon as you can and inform your landlord that you will be leaving if he doesn't already know it thanks to the contract you have signed. It would be great if you decide to take some special items of sentimental value from your old home in order to recall memories of your group together in the past. This will further unite and brighten your room-mates.

Then all that remains is for you and your friends to calmly finish the move and begin your new lives in your new home.