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Renting an Apartment Even if You're in Bad Financial Straits

Most, if not all apartment agreements stipulate that you need to have a stable job or good credit to be able to rent. It's a very reasonable way for landlords and supers to be assured that the tenant won't renege on paying the rent - otherwise, they'd just be looking for trouble.   Of course, not everyone will have a satisfactory credit score or even have a job to fulfill the requirements - some people may be in-between jobs and need a place to stay. There are so many different situations that can cause complications here, but do not necessarily deprive you of the means to pay your rent. But of course, landlords have no way of knowing that.   One way you can use to convince a landlord to take you in is to have enough cash ready to pay for a couple of months in advance. This is perfect for people who are in between jobs and are from a different place and are just taking out a leave to be able to put their things in order. You will need to pay in advance for a bit more than the usual agreement, but on the bright side, you'll be spared the worry of having to pay your rent for several months, giving you time to find the means to pay for the coming months.