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Retirement Removals Checklist

Before you choose where you’d like to retire, there are a few things to consider. Firstly you’ll need to decide whether a retirement home is the right choice for you. You might rather stay in the home that you have lived in for the past 30 or 40 years or where your children or grandchildren grew up. This is a personal choice that only you can make so choose wisely.  Decisions, decisionsThere is a full range of options that will help you make this decision the right one for you. You will also need to ensure your property is re-sellable, as you may want to move again in the future. The location is important, as you grow older you will need to be in easy reach of all local amenities and any transport links. When finding a place for retirement, you must allow for the cost of repairs and any maintenance work that needs doing. If you buy sheltered accommodation or a leasehold flat, you will need to add up any extra service or rent charges; plus check whether these are fixed or could possibly increase. Energy bills probably won’t fall so make sure where you choose to live is well insulated and you will then stay warm and dry during the colder, winter months. Legal mattersIf you decide to downsize, this will make life a lot more comfortable; it’s always better to seek professional help and advice on where is best to invest. Start with a personal and independent financial advisor before deciding this. You might also want to consider discussing tax options too and any information on any benefits you may currently claim, along with council tax deduction. It’s vital to be fully aware of any charges you may face so weigh up your options and properly research into this before you sign a contract.Part of the communityYou should consider whom you are living close to. Neighbours should ideally be of a similar age and circumstance. It’s important to feel like you are automatically part of the ready-built community and knowing there is a friendly neighbourhood will comfort you and ease you into your new place of retirement. Making sure your home is safe and secure too is vital so get any locks checked and security alarms installed for peace at mind. When considering and deciding on the location, local shops and facilities are also important. You want to ensure you are in good reach of a local supermarket and leisure activities such as a sports centre or library. If you buy into a complex, help will always be on hand but if not, make sure you are close to any close friends or family members so you can rest assured they are nearby should you need them and of course, for weekly visitors. The choice is yoursDepending on your personal circumstance, the choice of where to retire is entirely up to you. Wherever you choose, remember to consider somewhere sociable, in a good location, built up of a friendly environment and community as well as somewhere nice and comfortable for you. Weight up your options and take into consideration certain things like stairs and lifts, depending on your health and wellbeing. Retirement needn’t be something to fear or put-off; it can be a relaxing and enjoyable time providing you find the right home for you.ChecklistLocationPeopleLocal amenitiesTransport linksDistance from friends and familyGreenery and nearby parksSpace and accessibilityHelp on handServices and surgeries