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Things you should find out about your new SW8 home before buying it

As you gaze in awe at you’re picture perfect potential home you may have forgotten that actually perfection is only a mirage. Nothing is ever what it seems and before you commit there are some details you should clarify, not only concerning the building itself; although that still is important. Location really is a quintessential component to falling in love with your new SW8 home. Before you delve into the environmental analysis you have yet to face, your attention should first turn to discovering whether or not the venture is worth the gain by looking at the house in an unbiased scrutinous manner. While you are viewing the property ensure you test all the objects which are in anyway interactive, from the kitchen sink to locks on the doors everything should be checked for functionality. Though there are many unassuming parts within each house that need to be considered; for example, the walls should be felt for any signs of dampness. If you lack the confidence to spot the structurally sound from the teetering death trap, professional help can be sought out and usually your estate agent can help with finding you a suitable evaluator. It should be noted that if any faults are found at the property, you can discuss them with the current owners and they may agree to either fixing the problem or a reduction in price depending on the severity of the issues. Council tax is another factor to investigate. Each property is assigned a band which denotes how much tax you should contribute, information about this can be found on the Government website ‘’ (or more specifically ‘’). You should also be considering the services you may require such as a phone line, internet connection or digital television. Ask the current owners for information on services currently installed in the property and possibilities of expansion to that. If unsure a phone call to your desired providers should help you understand your available opportunities. If all your boxes have been ticked so far, do not weaken to your sense of excitement, stand strong because your work is not done yet. To start with you should explore the immediately local area by foot and if possible chat to your potential neighbours, informative websites and pamphlets are okay but if you really want the inside prospective the locals are your definitive guide to the area. Travel is always an aspect that shouldn’t be ignored. It is always a good idea to plan your route to work with either an old school paper map or ideally with an internet mapping service. If you plan to be using public transport you should take time to learn the bus routes and the location of the various other options, such as train stations. Do you have children? If so, you should look into the local schools to find one that is fitting to your needs. This can be achieved by once again speaking to locals or by visiting websites such as ‘’. There you can view contact information, location and school details to help you make your decision. Next you should start think about the local amenities, such as your new favourite eatery, the public houses you will grow fond of and then of course the gym to burn it all off. Exploration is still important with this and should never be taken lightly but for a quick overview there are websites which can help with your search. Now the mist has cleared… You should now have a new prospective on your potential property either good or bad neither should be taken for granted, make your decision on only what you know to be fact to reduce any chance of unpleasant surprises. Now finally, happy home hunting!