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Tips on How to Move with Your Pool Table

Moving is even more difficult when you have huge and heavy items like pianos and pool tables. At least when you have a pool table, you can disassemble it. Nevertheless, you would still need help from 3 or 4 more of your friends to lift it. You would also need certain tools such as a flat head screwdriver, staple puller and goggles.
You should start by pulling out all the staples and the bolts around the rails. After that you can slide the rails out and flip the table over.  You can then remove the pool table pockets. You must also remove the felt. Be careful though as it can easily be damaged. Using replaceable screwdriver heads, you can begin removing the slate off the table frame. Once the slate is off, you can remove legs of the table.
Once the pool table is completely dismantled you should wrap all parts with bubble wrap so they will be protected. Of course, you should make sure that the table will not shift much while in transit. The smaller parts should not get toppled over by the heaviest part of the assembly.
Again, more attention should be given to the packing and the transportation of the pool table. You need help in packing and lifting the pool table. If you are not confident that you can accomplish it properly, it would be better to hire a removals company to do it instead.