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Top Tips for Moving House!

Moving house is not easy, but there are things that you can do that should help to lighten the burden and ease the stress of it. Here are some top tips for moving house! 1.    Careful planningNo matter how far in advance planning is by far the most important thing you can do when preparing to move house. 6-8 months in advance is a great time to start planning however if you only get the go ahead for the move within weeks then it doesn’t matter, as soon as you know it’s going to happen, you must begin your planning!Start your planning at home; first have a good clear out of all your belongings. Get rid of clutter and sell those unwanted items! Any money you make from the sale of old goods can help towards the cost of the removal or for new items for your new home. When clearing out be careful to not hoard the clutter, some people find it hard to let go of things and end up keeping things that don’t really need for many years. Make your move a fresh start, start off on a good foot from the get go by trying not hoard clutter in your new home. 2.    Think about removal hire!At this point it may a good idea to start thinking about removal companies and if you need to hire them. Some people may not need to bother since they already own a van and can do it their selves, which is great however you may still need to consider packing and whether a packing service is required. There are great benefits to using a packing service which I will delve more into in a moment!For those who do need to hire a removal company, early planning will help to ensure that you find a good reputable company. Starting early allows more time to check out the company in more detail prior to booking, you may want to check customer feedback from online websites to do this and also you can collect and compare quotes for the services they offer too!Removals offer a packing service and if taken up it may come with insurance to ensure your goods are covered for any damages, if it were to happen! Packing services have all the correct materials and it would save you time, money and possibly strength to use this rather than struggle to do it all yourself! 3.    When to move?You may be wondering about when the best time to move is? Well, a weekday move is usually cheaper for hiring removal services but aside from that a weekday could offer quieter roads and less parked cars along the streets, as most people are at work during the week.For others is may be better to move during the weekend because it’s less disruptive to your daily routine, you may have to work in the week but have the weekends free?Ultimately it’s up to you to take your personal circumstances into consideration and to way up the pros and cons to decide which is actually better, a weekday or a weekend move? 4.    Moving in!When you move into your new property I would advise that make it a priority to first sort out your energy suppliers, you certainly do not want to be left in the cold or the dark, especially if it’s a winter move!Now that you are in, I suspect that you are eager to start unpacking? Try not to worry too much about unpacking it all in one day because this is both tiring and unnecessary. Instead prioritise what’s important like your kitchen utensils and beds and bedding so that you can make it comfortable temporarily, the rest can wait until later!