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Types of Corporate Relocation

Corporate relocations tend to be taken more seriously than private relocations. Maybe this is another sign that modern people put more efforts into their businesses than into their personal lives, but corporate relocations are performed almost exclusively by professional moving companies. Those companies have different strategies for every type of corporate relocation. Read further to learn more.

The biggest challenges of corporate relocations are the logistics and communications. While the latter is rather the same for every like-scale move, the former depends on the specifics of what is being moved - the office, the storage facility, or the processing facility.

Office relocation
Office relocation is the most common type of corporate relocation, because of their smaller dimensions and because offices are moved a lot. The first crucial stage of the office move is the moving of the computers (including the internal network and the servers), printers, telephones (including the telephone server), faxes and copying machines. All of those should be disconnected, packed, transported, unpacked and connected in the new place as quickly as possible, because they are the most essential items needed for the office to function. Other important items to be relocated are the archives and the furniture. The relocation is a great reason for many offices to sort through their paper archives and decide on what is actually needed. Modern archives are accommodated in archive folders and boxes, so the actual process of packing is already done, all that's needed is for every box to be checked for having the right label on it, and then all the boxes are ready to go. As far as furniture is concerned, many companies prefer to sell all the furniture either to the next company moving into the space, or to someone else, and use the money to partly fund the new furniture in the new office. Good moving companies might carry out the relocation of an office over a short or middle distance within a single long weekend, so the rhythm of the working days is not disturbed.

Storage facility relocations
Many companies have their own storage facilities at their disposal. For many companies those facilities are the core of the business, so sometimes their entire contents, both goods and equipment, has to be relocated. This relocation is much more of a logistic challenge mainly because of the larger amount of items to be transported. This problem is solved partly by minimizing the amount of goods being relocated. Everything possible is usually sold, and new supplies are reduced to a minimum. Everyone can easily guess when, for instance, a supermarket is about to relocate by the big sales beforehand. Storage facility relocations have the advantage of maintaining an uninterrupted working process, that is, if the company can afford to hire or purchase the new place earlier, and using both facilities simultaneously for several weeks.

Processing plant relocations
Sometimes, though not often, entire processing plants have to be moved to another area or country. This is a larger-scale corporate relocation; it needs a huge budget and has the even more significant side effect of interrupting the processing for weeks or even months. Additional time and labour have to be put into the process of disassembling all of the machinery and then assembling it in the new location. This task should be performed by experienced and skilled mechanics, often contacting the producer of the machinery is the best option way of avoiding any expensive mistakes, since the machinery is what makes the product and the product is what makes the profit.