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Useful Packing Tips For Your Move To NW10

Moving to the area of NW10 in London soon and having to plan the entire process? You are definitely responsible for the moving details even if you hire a great removals company. It is still your relocation and you need to stay in charge of each stage. The hardest part is of course the packing process. Here are some useful packing tips and tricks which will ensure an easy process.Keep things together Whether you have hired packers for the job, or you are packing everything yourself, insist on things being kept together. Similar items and items from one cabinet/drawer or room should be grouped together in one box. Keep books together with magazines and notebooks. Group light bulbs and lamps together – wrapped in bubble wrap well. Pack appliances with their extension cords and any other belonging items. Larger items which need special handle and care can be kept in resealable bags. When disassembling furniture place the loose items in plastic bags and label them. It’s best to tape the bag on toe furniture so you don’t lose it. Use colourful stickers and codes and include these on your inventory list. With a good system of packing the process will be quicker and much easier. Pack ahead If you are moving in summer you won’t need your winter clothing and footwear anytime soon. Pack these non-essential items first and label the boxes so you don’t waste time unpacking them during the first days after moving. The non-essentials that you don’t need straight after the relocation can be packed together so they are out of your way and you can focus on the rest that is more important and urgent for the moment. Consolidate the cleaning supplies It is common courtesy to clean the home you are moving out of, whether you have just sold it or it was a rental one. After packing and moving, it definitely won’t look its best and require some proper care. Keep a bag or a box of cleaning supplies at hand and clean the rooms thoroughly. It’s best to do that ahead of time so you don’t rush in the last possible moment. If you are leaving the house without some appliances and furniture, make sure you wipe them down, before you go. Use your suitcases Use suitcases for packing some items for the move. You could even keep there your most valuable items, documents (records, certificates, insurance and financial papers) and essentials. A big suitcase could carry more than a cardboard box, so use it well. Essentials for packing include: clothing and footwear, toiletries, documents, plates, cups, coffee, snacks, towels, laptop, pens and paper, receipts, address book, etc. These items should be enough for the first days after the house move when most of your items are still packed inside the boxes. Understand that the packing process is a tiring and time-consuming one. You need plenty of energy and also patience so you don’t get overwhelmed too soon. There will be a lot to do, without doubt, but with a clear schedule and checklist, with some professional assistance and an adequate budget, your packing and moving can go smoothly and efficiently. No need for frustration and worry – moving house is actually easier than you think.