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What to Do when your Movers Move you in

So much is written about how to pack, but not nearly as much about what to do on the other side. You may be relieved to have finished the stress of the move, only to be faced by the monumental task of unpacking. Here are a number of tips to help you get through the settling process. Firstly, if you are renting the property, you may want to take a set of pictures of what the house looks like. This should help you as and when you come to move out, for the purposes of getting your deposit back. Take gas and electric readings, so your utilities companies have a record of what the metres said when you moved in, and you don't get stuck paying for someone else's power. Next, move the boxes to the rooms that they are going into. This can help in a number of ways, not just so you can unpack at your leisure and get most of the lifting out of the way, but also because breaking down the stacks of boxes into more manageable piles can do a lot of good for you state of mind. When you get to unpacking, unpack the essentials first. You should have specially marked boxes before you started moving, so you know which ones to open first. Spend a bit of time getting the essentials ready, so you can get up and running in your new place. The way to do it is to get everything set up to have a comfortable routine. You want to be able to start to live around the mess without it stressing you out too much. Set up your living room and bedroom first; get the TV and sofa in a comfortable place, so you can relax when you like, and set your bed up so you've got somewhere to sleep. Get the essentials ready in your kitchen; a set of cutlery, some plates, a pan, the kettle, but don't worry too much about getting everything in there. Another tip is to install some home comforts like a picture, a lamp or a favourite picture so you feel more at home. If you've hired labour to help you move, and you've unpacked quicker than you were anticipating, use the rest of the time you have on the clock to get some of your heavier goods in place (washing machines, fridges) and to get your boxes moved around the house. If you have kids that you've sent away for the duration of the move, the next thing to do would be to get their rooms ready, and get a play area set up for them. This can be an important distraction to stop them running around a house full of clutter. If you get the kids' rooms nice, it can lessen the shock and inevitable dislocation of moving house.Next thing is to take care of some of the functional comforts. Put some curtains up so that you can enjoy your privacy, but down mats in the halls and bathrooms to keep the floor clean and put down some rugs in your living room. Think about getting some appliances up and running in your kitchen, and check the lights and fittings in your new place to make sure there's going to be enough light once it gets dark. If you still have some time and energy left, why not go and introduce yourself to your neighbours? They are sure to appreciate the effort, and they might even offer you a little assistance with your unpacking!